Wednesday, April 8, 2009

very boring at home~

Long time no write blog, cause no mood to write+ lazy...

nowadays, i am counting down to study le, less one week only, before go, need to spend a lot of

money to buy the things i need such as shirt, long pans, uniform, important materials and so on. All

of these i use my own working money to buy. i also want to thanks to my grandmother, uncle,

aunty, who give me some money to futher my study.thanks a lot. i will work harder there and wont

let you all disappointed. Last time te wei will return soon!


  1. weih where u gonna go?
    y left me here again? TT
    aimst arh?

  2. YOu too, linger, take care ya^^

  3. owh u worked in hongkie too ? im workin in e-gate branch ;D haha .